All cats over three (3) months of age that have been in Darwin for one month must be registered annually.

To register your cat you must agree to:

  • Microchip your cat.
  • Adequately contain your cat at all times.
  • Apply for a licence if you intend to keep more than two cats (applicable from 1 July 2009).
  • Meet all conditions of registration.

Under the By-Laws, owners can keep two registered cats on one property. If you want to keep more than two cats on your property, you will need to apply for a licence from Council. When Council assesses the application, they will search for any previous complaints against you (the owner), consult with neighbours and check that the premises are suitable and have a suitably contained area. When licences are granted, they may be approved with specific conditions.

When is a cat at large?
Pursuant to Council By-Laws, a cat is at large if:

  • It is not contained within the owner’s property.
  • It is not under effective control by the owner or any part of its body is protruding from a vehicle. When a roaming cat is reported,

Council will:

Attempt to locate the owner of the cat. The owner may be issued with an infringement notice.

If the Council can not identify the owner, a trap will be set to catch the cat. If the cat is captured and identified through its microchip, the owners will be contacted and may be issues with an infringement notice. If the owners cannot be identified, the cat will be taken to the pound and managed according to Council’s pound procedures. If you have lost your cat, please notify Council. When you collect your cat
from the pound you will be required to pay pound fees and any fines associated with your cat being at large.

Registration Fees
Entire Cat $120.00
Enitre Cat – Pensioner $ 67.00
Enitre Cat – CANT Member $ 70.00
Desexed Cat $ 10.00
Desexed Cat – Pensioner $ 5.00
License to keep more than 2 Cats $ 30.00

Pound Fees
Registered Cat Release Fee $103.00
Unregistered Cat Release Fee $249.00
Additional Fee if Cat Impounded $ 77.00
Outside Council Hours
Seizure Fee for Unregistered Cat $249.00

Infringement Notices
Unregistered Cat $154.00
No License to Keep Cats as
Required $154.00
Cat at Large $154.00

More information on City of Darwin’s website

Or DCC – Your cat and the law flyer 


Cats do not need to be registered in Palmerston. If you have a stray cat in your backyard you are able to hire a cat trap from City of Palmerston. There is no pickup service or pond for cats.

Please contact 08 8935 9922 (24 hour service) or email palmerston@palmerston.nt.gov.au


Cats do not need to be registered in the Litchfield area and there is no management plan for cats.