While domestic cats are not group animals they still might enjoy company especially if you are away for long periods each day.

But before you make such decision please take your cat’s age, life style and overall health into account. This can help you to make a more informed choice.

In general social interaction with another cat can greatly enrich their daily lives.

The rule is the younger they are when introduced, the greater the chances of their getting along most of the time. It is very rarer that cats totally reject other cats from about two years of age, acceptance of another cat can be a bit random.

After a time even if your cats that do not become great friends can still learn to tolerate and live with each other by keeping to their own territory.

If you are planning to give your cat company get litter mates as they have the best chances of getting on.

If you try to adopt an older cat these methods might help to avoid cat fights:

  • feeding them progressively closer together,
  • rubbing them alternately with the same unwashed towel to transfer their smells between each other,
  • using cat pheromones