Welcome to EveryCat

Cats are great pets and play an important part in our lives.

They are quiet, clean, and they don't need a lot of space or exercise.

But there are some simple things you can do to keep your cat healthy and safe. Learn why it is so important for your cat to be de-sexed and why indoor cats live much safer.

EveryCat is a community campaign in the Northern Territory. It addresses cat related questions and issues. It provides advice for cat owners, cat and animal lovers.

As part of our EveryCat campaign we offered free cat desexing for concession card holders in the past two years and have another 70 spaces for 2018/19 in our third year. Find out more

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Desexed cats live longer, are healthier and happier.
Lifelong Australia-wide registration so your cat won't get lost.
Indoor Cats
Catch less diseases, don't have to face danger posed by dogs, cars or humans.
Cats & Wildlife
Keeping wildlife safe and your cat happy.